Hands“Hope I heard is like sunshine
that lights up your days, in warm endearing ways
Here I hold my hope in my arms
my little bundle of joy full of love
for me you are an angel from heavens above
I hold my hands and make a prayer to the all loving master…
…thanks you for the hope, that I now call my daughter!!



Scepticism to bonhomie

india_pak_flag295x200Last November I was in Munich, Germany. It was a bright day after a series of gloomy rainy days but by the time I completed my work, the day was almost finished. Since the flight was next day, I decided to utilize some idle time for going around the city-who knows when will be the next time I come here. So I took some directions from concierge at hotel who handed me a subway map, I reached the subway station a five minute walk from hotel and reached the city centre in 20 minutes. It was five already, I thought the best thing to do would be to take a walking tour.  The tour finished by 7, I was planning to collect some souvenirs, have food and leave for the hotel.

Just then I heard a voice asking me “Can you please take a photograph” without waiting for my reply the person handed his cellphone in my hand. It was a blackberry, without much thought I said yes. He was a well built, tall man in his mid thirties, black hair and a well kempt beard, I was nearly certain this guy is an Indian. I took his photograph and out of courtesy told him to check if the photograph was fine. It wasn’t, I took another one but the dark of evening didn’t help matters. I apologized, asked him if he had switched on the flash in his cellphone. He said yes and then stared briefly at the cellphone rolling it in his hand as if he was unsure of what to do next, he muttered to himself “pata nahi kya masla hai” (Don’t know what the problem is?) a knowing smile flashed across my face. He noticed my smile and asked me where I was from, “India” I said, he smiled back and said “main Pakistan se hun“(I am from Pakistan) It was similar sounding Amritsari accent that I so often hear my in-laws break into. Continue reading


NCL Hands Almost TouchingHope thrives on fear, desire on repulse!

She had been a master in this game,

As his prodded embers rise into flame, Continue reading

Winter of my dreams

Winter I look back to see you moving from my summer all up to my autumn

and I vest myself into our oldest memory

in the winter of my dreams Continue reading

Why do I miss Chennai?

Chennai..no Singara Chennai..I miss you!!social_security_taxation_and_healthcare_in_chennai

I arrived in Chennai with some skepticism and lots of sympathies from random people most of them had never set foot on Chennai soil but were quick to narrate me the tales of how unfriendly this city is.

I was in Chennai landing right in the midst of summer 2010 and I got the best welcome I could hope for, I was charged Rs 350 by auto guy for a distance that I later realized being in the city was worth not more than 50 rs!! Continue reading

Money as a virtue

aynrand“Money is the greatest of all virtues”, I came across this statement in Atlas Shrugged, when Fransisco d’Anconia talks about money as a virtue. As I read past the whole speech that Fransisco makes to Rearden, this one line stuck into my brain. As I linger on this statement I realized that this statement in fact could be debated over endlessly. Continue reading