Hello there,

Thanks for stopping by! If you wonder why the blog has been named “Orange curry”. As a kid growing up in North India, I was always fascinated by the food in orange curry during weddings and parties. Almost all the exotic dishes were in orange curry and they all tasted great!

Till one day I discovered the base of the curry was the same and with some modifications and additions you had so many interesting things coming out – butter chicken,paneer pasanda coming from the same curry.

That’s how I think life is, I believe life is all about stories and the base of all stories is the same orange curry – our emotions!

Some modifications here and there and there is so interesting stuff that comes out!!

Who am I?

A doctor, A marketer, A writer (at least I think so), A traveller, A husband and A Father. Of all these roles I love parenting the most.

I write about real life stories, travel experiences, fatherhood, parenting, humour and fiction. Occasionally I also write on social trends under opinion.

Hope the stuff in orange curry leaves a lingering taste with you. Please share your comments.




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