Of letters and letter openers

penpaperI have a habit of checking the mailbox almost every day, a habit that my wife finds irritating. Perhaps that is motivation enough to continue doing it! But the habit actually stems from my childhood. Back then,  going to the US was a big deal and any gift from the far off land meant it had to be valued and savoured. So, chocolates from abroad were not to be distributed to friends but were to be devoured alone and a souvenir was to be placed neatly in the showcase in drawing room. An uncle who used to frequent US got my father a rather uncommon gift from one of his trips abroad- a letter opener Continue reading


Money as a virtue

aynrand“Money is the greatest of all virtues”, I came across this statement in Atlas Shrugged, when Fransisco d’Anconia talks about money as a virtue. As I read past the whole speech that Fransisco makes to Rearden, this one line stuck into my brain. As I linger on this statement I realized that this statement in fact could be debated over endlessly. Continue reading