Why do I miss Chennai?

Chennai..no Singara Chennai..I miss you!!social_security_taxation_and_healthcare_in_chennai

I arrived in Chennai with some skepticism and lots of sympathies from random people most of them had never set foot on Chennai soil but were quick to narrate me the tales of how unfriendly this city is.

I was in Chennai landing right in the midst of summer 2010 and I got the best welcome I could hope for, I was charged Rs 350 by auto guy for a distance that I later realized being in the city was worth not more than 50 rs!! Continue reading


Money as a virtue

aynrand“Money is the greatest of all virtues”, I came across this statement in Atlas Shrugged, when Fransisco d’Anconia talks about money as a virtue. As I read past the whole speech that Fransisco makes to Rearden, this one line stuck into my brain. As I linger on this statement I realized that this statement in fact could be debated over endlessly. Continue reading