The unaccustomed immigrant

facebookRupesh stayed lazily in his bed and reached out for his smart phone. This had become a routine now, back home this infuriated the mother but here no one would bother.  He started checking for updates from friends. The laziness maintained its tempo and the thumb which was now very trained by his master’s mind would occasionally pause so that the master could read an update from an old flame or carelessly like the update from a friend having a good time. Buried between these meaningless updates was a suggestion- sometimes he suspected facebook probably knew more about his interests, his fantasies than most of his friends- it suggested him to watch a 5 minute speech clipping of a politician from his state. Without much thought into it, Rupesh clicked on the link and listened to his speech in rapt attention, the leader had a deep baritone, an amazing command on the vernacular and perhaps equally better on his body language. Rupesh batted an occasional eyelid as the leader unleashed a virile speech laden with statistics confirming large scale migration from other states, he then drove his point meticulously how the local youth was losing jobs because someone else who did not grow up here and did not care to learn the language was taking that away. Continue reading